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Understanding MCT as a thinning agent

We’re passionate about terpenes, or rather — the flavors, aromas and reported entourage effects produced by those terpenes. These elements are an incredibly important part of our industry space which means it’s paramount to get them just precisely right. Let’s start out with the basics — what exactly is MCT oil, and what is it […]

History of Terpenes Part 5

Terpenes: What makes your cannabis smell and taste so mouth watering-ly delicious. To elaborate, terpenes are resinous oils that protect the plant and make your Blue Dream smell and taste, well, like a Blue Dream. They are produced in trichomes and give cannabis (along with countless other products) its unique flavor and smell. Terpenes originate in the same […]

Pre-Rolled Joints & Flavorings

Cannabis users everywhere have enjoyed the convenience of the pre-rolled joint. Pre-rolls are cheap, discreet, and easy to share. They are ideal for the occasional smoker and dabblers looking for a small sample. The satisfaction of having a quick and ready toke speaks for itself, though a less than stellar quality herb could put a damper […]

Ready, Set, Vape!

“The future is now,” is a term that is thrown around all to frequently. Generally speaking, the vast majority of people are living in the present. However, with the ever-changing and advancing world of technology, it’s easy to feel that the world as become far more futuristic, in sci-fi sort of way. Everything in society […]

Craft Cannabis: The Best Thing since Beer

Once upon time, a consumer good that was loved and adored was taken from the people, forced out of the limelight and into the shadows, where it thrived in secret, yet everyone longed for the time where they could openly embrace it again. That time was of course the Prohibition era, and alcohol not only […]

Breathe Well with Breathe Well

Our Remedies Breath Well product by Extract Consultants is a beautiful essential oil collaboration of Eucalyptus, Menthol and Peppermint. All of these natural essential oils have acted for centuries as remedies for ailments that include colds, flu, sore throats, cough, upset stomach and headaches. All of these products can act as bronchodilators, relaxing muscles in […]

Terpene Fun Facts Part 4

This is a rolling series in which we will periodically present to you many bits of awesome and useful knowledge on all things terpene. Hopefully you’ve been reading this blog series and have at least learned that terpenes are amazing compounds that have benefitted humans and society for thousands of years. We smell them anytime […]