The Entourage Effect: The Whole Plant for the Whole You

It should be no secret that marijuana is far more than just a plant; it is a vital and valuable medicine. The compounds contained within a cannabis plant are found to either already contain key properties that make them a strong player in the fight against many diseases, varying from anxiety to cancer, or at least shows the potential to fight these illnesses. Compounds like CBD have been and continue to be isolated because of their vast amount of medicinal properties and benefits, with none of the high that comes along with THC. Unfortunately, the entire plant needs to be taken into consideration, because you can only get the benefits of the so-called “Entourage Effect” with the entire plant.

If you’re relatively unfamiliar with the “Entourage Effect” it is in its simplest form the idea that all the compounds of cannabis, and there are many—from cannabinoids like THC, CBD, THCV, etc., and terpenes like pinene, mycrene, and linalool—work together to and enhance the properties of each other to provide a better effect and more benefits for the user. When you start to remove certain compounds in hopes to isolate one, you actually begin to diminish the quality and effectiveness of the compound you were isolating. In short, CBD alone is good, but CBD combined with even minute amounts of other cannabinoids and some terpenes is far superior. It’s along the same lines as having friends in life; things just aren’t as fun when you’re all alone.

Unfortunately, isolation is generally a big pharma approach to medicine, and almost all medicine seems to be headed in that route. However the “Entourage Effect” is the heart of medical marijuana, the true medicinal aspect of it. Break up the entourage and you tarnish the entire product, making it far more difficult for people to get the relief they need. Hopefully society will catch on to the fact that the whole plant takes care of the whole body and keeps the entourage together.

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