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Terpenes are more than just flavor and aroma compounds. These terpenoids are responsible for providing the entourage effect. As terpenes are highly volatile compounds that react quickly, they are stripped away during extraction. In many case, this leaves you with a flat, plain product void of most taste, smell and desired effect.

By adding our isolated terpenes back to your final product, you can enhance the desired effect and create unique strain profiles. Our Entourage Terpene Blends and Solvent Free Terpene Blends are pre-blended solutions of terpene compounds that mimic the natural chemistry and entourage effect from terpene profiles in today’s favorite varieties.

Using state of the art GC equipment in a controlled environment, we meticulously recreate terpene profiles found in specific flower strains from these isolated terpenes. Our Solvent Free Terpene Blends are designed to ensure that you maintain the high quality standards while improving the viscosity of your finished product without separation so that it is suitable for vape.

To learn more about how to add back Extracts Terpenes and Blends, visit our How to Use Terpenes page.