What Temperature Can Terpenes Tolerate? How Much Heat Should/Can I Use While Mixing?

Terpenes are very volatile compounds and are extremely sensitive to heat. Ideally, no heat would be used. If you must use heat, then we recommend not exceeding 100 F. If you were to use more heat, you would need to use more product.

How Should I Store Terpenes?

All of our materials should be kept in a darkened area at room temperature.

I Added Some Flavors To My Distillate And It Turned Cloudy. Why Did This Happen? 

There are a few reasons as to why this occurred. The most common cause of cloudiness is using too much heat during production (why we recommend using no heat or not exceeding 100 F). Other reasons for this might be improper storage, improper mixing, or high levels of use. The age of the concentrate can also play a role in the darkening of the color.

Are Your Products Food Grade and Non-GMO?

Yes! All products at Extract Consultants are Food Grade, GRAS and FEMA approved, and non-GMO.

What Is The Difference Between PG And MCT?

The main difference is use. Our PG line of flavors are much stronger, and require a lot less to be used when compared to MCT. PG typically makes for a better tasting product as well. The number one reason why a customer would choose MCT over PG is to maintain an all-natural label. MCT can also be used more liberally than PG, as PG does have solubility issues at higher percentages, whereas MCT is soluble no matter how much is used.

My Cartridge Leaked After A Few Days. How Can I Fix This?

This most likely has to do with the quality of the cartridge. This could have also happened if it was left in a hot environment. We recommend using wick-less cartridges. The market in general, however, is challenged in supplying reliable cartridge equipment.

My Flavors Are Not Staying Consistent. Sometimes They Taste Great, And Sometimes I Can’t Taste Them At All. What Am I Doing Wrong?

This almost always has to do with inconsistent production methods. Always make sure that you add materials by weight (many people incorrectly count drops), and that your metrics are consistent every time you make a batch. From the amount of heat used to the amount of time spent mixing the flavor, be consistent! Even the slightest adjustment in formulation can affect the quality of the batch, so it is critical to be consistent in your blending standards.

How Long Does It Take For My Order To Ship?

For normal orders, we are usually able to get them to you in a timely manner of 3-5 business days. We do offer priority shipping in which a customer can pay for a quicker service. For orders of larger sizes that need to go into production, we require a 10-14 day lead-time.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants that act as natural medicine without any side effects. They have enhanced our lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of health benefits and healing properties. Using essential oils for healing purposes is called aromatherapy, and allows people to naturally improve their physical, mental and emotional health.

Are All Essential Oils Created Equal?

No. In fact, most of them are worthless and often synthetic. Ours are certified pure therapeutic grade, natural, TTB approved and GMO-free.

Can Remedies Be Added To CBD Derived From Hemp?

Yes! Our blends are designed to enhance CBD derived from hemp, as well as products with THC.

Why Should Remedies Be Added To CBD?

Essential oils are employed in a lot of standard products, and may be used for virtually any ailment. Incorporating Remedies essential oil blends is an easy way to naturally improve the therapeutic effects of CBD. Our blends support the entourage effect and traditional aromatherapy synergies.

Who Can Use Remedies?

Remedies are for manufacturer use only.