Entourage Blends

Our Entourage Blends are meant to be utilized in conjunction with either our Solvent-Free Terpene Blends or TateBudds products. Our Entourage Blends target specific “notes” and/or “effects” and are meant to be used in VERY small amounts. In general, we suggest using these products at a rate of 1-3%.

For Example (all measurements are based off 10grams of active material):

If one wants to add a “skunk” or “cheese” note to our Blueberry blend, they would create the following formula, using a small beaker and scale:

Mix well and place in its own jar for future use. This could be called “Blueberry Skunk Blend.” Now, take this new formula (or what we call a dilution), and add it to your active material at the normal directed usage level of 1%-3%.

Solvent-Free Terpene Blends

We suggest using our Solvent-Free Terpene Blends at a rate of 1-3%. These blends can be used directly in product, or can be blended with one another to create your own unique terpene blend! An example of how to make a 10gram batch of flavored distillate is as follows:

Tools you will need:

  1. Measure 10grams of active material using the scale and beaker.
  2. Using the disposable pipette, add 0.2-0.6grams of given terpene blend to your active material.
  3. Place you beaker filled with the solution on a stir bar/heat plate and mix thoroughly. Do not exceed 100F.

Isolated Terpenes

Our Isolated Terpenes are intended for use as individual ingredients for those who wish to be creative and come up with their own terpene blend or recipe. These can be mixed in whatever creative way the user deems fitting.

In general, when coming up with a terpene blend for the first time, we recommend making a total batch of 10grams. An example of a simple, 5-item formula is as follows:

The final terpene blend should be mixed together on a stir bar for roughly 30 minutes. Once complete, pour in an amber-colored glass bottle and set aside for future use. Name the blend whatever your heart desires!

The finished blend should be used with active material at a rate of 1%-3% in finished products. Good luck diving in to your new terpene adventure!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at sales@extractconsultants.com.