Isolated Terpene Blends

By now most people familiar with and educated in the world of cannabis, or even just botanicals in general, have more likely than not heard the term “terpene.” They are the compounds in plants that provide the aroma, taste, and many wondrous medicinal benefits. Terpenes, such as pinene, limonene, mycrene, and many others, are found in cannabis, as well as virtually every other naturally growing plant and their flowers and fruits, like lavender, pine trees, and oranges.

Terpenes are the new big thing in the world of cannabis, as they allow scent, taste and effect to be added to cannabis products, be it flowers, concentrates, what have you, to create specific profiles and enhance the experience.

Unfortunately, many people are confused about where the terpenes are coming from, believing that the extracted terpenes they are buying and adding to their product are being extracted from a specific cannabis plant itself. However, to use prime buds to extract terpenes and make a liquid designed to be added back to a cannabis bi-product, such as wax, is an expensive waste of the plant and quite frankly, ridiculous.

Extracting terpenes from cannabis is a very low yield process that creates a very expensive finished product, with some being as costly as $100.00 for a single drop. Additionally, growing patterns and methods for cannabis are not consistent across the board, nor are distillation and extraction methods. This creates inconsistencies with the quality of the terpenes. All you end up with is a more expensive and less consistent finished product for both consumers and producers.

At Extract Consultants, we specialize in providing the highest quality terpenes available. None of the terpenes we offer are extracted from cannabis itself. We develop our own custom isolated terpene blends that emulate cannabis profiles by using terpenes extracted from other natural sources. Because they are not coming from the cannabis plant themselves, we then enhance the flavor by using the natural essential oils from pineapples, grapefruits, and tangerines. The terpenes and the essential oils for the flavors are both from natural sources making our terpene blends 100% natural.

Because our isolated terpene blends are developed in a controlled environment, you can count on developing the same consistent product over and over. You will have a great product that offers an amazing natural taste and scent. This has also allowed us to work with producers to increase their revenue, and in turn provide much more reasonable and lower costs with each item.

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