Ready, Set, Vape!

“The future is now,” is a term that is thrown around all to frequently. Generally speaking, the vast majority of people are living in the present. However, with the ever-changing and advancing world of technology, it’s easy to feel that the world as become far more futuristic, in sci-fi sort of way. Everything in society is becoming more tech-heavy, everything from driving to shopping, and the world of cannabis is no different. Cannabis itself has entered the tech-savvy realm of the future with the wide and wonderful world of vape.

Vape itself is not necessarily something brand new. Vaporizers have been around for years now; however they were initially rather large and bulky machines that took a while to set up, even longer to use, and still required not only dry herb, but also a grounded wall outlet in order to provide enough power for the thing to actually work.

In recent years though cannabis has taken a big leap into the future with the introduction of vape pens. A vape pen is pretty simple. It’s roughly the same size as and has the look of a regular writing pen, except instead of producing ink it produces pure cannabis vapor.

There are many great reasons for using vape pens, and everyone from the first time and infrequent users to the connoisseurs. One of the most obvious and best reasons to start turning your attention to vape pens for your cannabis usage is how easy they are to use. Traditionally cannabis is smoked using various methods, be it a pipe, a joint, a blunt, a bong, a pop can, or even a piece of fruit. These methods all required the use of the dry herb however, which obviously requires the breaking up of the bud, rolling your joint or loading your bowl, and then comes the sound of a lighter flick (maybe several), followed by a large cloud of smoke, a very distinctive smell and the occasional coughing fit; it’s not very convenient, nor is it by any means discreet. With a vape pen however you simply have a cartridge that’s pre-loaded with a cannabis oil concentrate (the essential oil of cannabis, much like lavender oil) that’s extracted through various methods. There’s no mess, no fuss, no real set up (except occasionally having to charge the battery or swap out the cartridge, although now there’s some that don’t require that either, as they are completely disposable). Most of all there’s no real signs, such as an odor, that alert people to the fact that you’re smoking cannabis, making it great for people that are constantly on the go. And in today’s society, aren’t we all?

Beyond that, cartridges for a vape pen are great at controlling the dose. With dry herb, you never really no how much is going to be too much, and with edibles that’s a whole other guessing game entirely. Even with other concentrates, such as wax and shatter, that are used with a dab rig, it’s hard to know how much your going to need, and how much your going to be affected. Even the smallest dab can produce big effects. But with cartridges, the dose is much more controlled, and they even will put time limits on how long you can draw for, which is another one of the reasons why people are finding vape pens to be there go-to cannabis using apparatus, making it the fastest growing segment of the cannabis industry. In 2015, sales of vape cartridges accrued just 6% of the market in the cannabis industry, but by 2016 that number jumped to 24%, a 400% increase, and it’s still growing.

So if you love technology and are excited about the future of the world, step into the futuristic world of cannabis, get your self a vape pen and enjoy.

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