Strain Names

Blue Dream, AK-47, Moby Dick, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights…there are many names for the various strains of cannabis. But why all the strain names; is there really that much of a difference from strain to strain? In some circles you will hear people say how they could care less about what it’s called, they just want a bag of weed, while in some other circles you’ll hear strain name after strain name dropped, as if a bunch of connoisseurs were talking about various wines. For those cannabis connoisseurs, a strain name means everything, and they all have their favorite(s).

Even if you’re one of those people who could care less about strain names, try to think of it as craft beer. There’s a multitude of different breweries, both macro and micro, just as there’s a multitude of different growers out there. At those breweries, they all make many different beers, from stouts to porters to IPA’s, and each one has their own beer that’s their specialty (some have multiples); ones that they’ve mastered and no one else has even come close to imitating. The same goes for different growers, who grow various types of the cannabis plant (sativa, indica, and hybrids), but also multiple strain types that are subcategories of each type of cannabis (these are your Kush, Haze, Skunk, etc. etc.), and each will specialize in a certain type of cannabis or certain genotype (strain). Some even develop an entirely new strain and name it after themselves.

Even still the names can seem a little silly. Yet they do serve a purpose. Let’s go back to our beer example, and assume you’re hosting a party. If someone tells you they’re bringing beer, they could show up with literally anything. You might expect Sierra Nevada or some other type of craft beer, and then see that they showed up with Beer Thirty and be very disappointed. If someone tells you they’re bringing weed you’ll probably naturally get excited, until they show up with something brown and full of stems and seeds. But if someone tells you they’re bringing Super Silver Haze, you might get a tad more excited.

The strain names actually make sense, and can help to further legitimize the business. It can help people think of growers and dispensaries more along the lines of a Budweiser, rather than just some pot dealers.

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Be sure to let us know what you love about strain names, and what your favorite strain is, in the comments below.

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