Terpene Fun Facts Part 2

This is a rolling series in which we will periodically present to you many bits of awesome and useful knowledge on all things terpene.

From our first post on terpenes, you should have learned that terpenes are the most widespread group of natural molecules, and that they played a huge role in human history. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese began using the earliest and crudest forms of distillation to extract terpenes from their natural plant sources and utilize them in their daily life. Terpenes were used in ancient times in everything from beauty regimens to religious rituals and medicine.

Normally as human civilization advances, so to do the things that humans use. While the methods and tools used for extracting terpenes has greatly advanced, it has only done so to more effectively and efficiently harvest terpenes. Terpenes are so amazing that even after thousands of year’s humans still have a huge need for them in their lives.

Terpenes are still used for many of the things they originally were, namely cosmetics, as they still remain a key ingredient in most perfumes and fragrances.  You can also find terpenes in many of your favorite foods and beverages, providing the distinctive taste you know and love. And even though medicine itself has greatly advanced over the last few millennia, terpenes still play a vital role in many treatments, and now there’s evidence to support various terpenes’ claims as being something as simple as a basic pain killer or anti-biotic, or helping to fight a far more serious disease such as cancer.

Everything will continue to advance and develop, and as history has shown terpenes will more likely than not help to drive those advancements.


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