Terpene Fun Facts Part 4

This is a rolling series in which we will periodically present to you many bits of awesome and useful knowledge on all things terpene.

Hopefully you’ve been reading this blog series and have at least learned that terpenes are amazing compounds that have benefitted humans and society for thousands of years. We smell them anytime a flower is in bloom, and many of our favorite foods, beverages, cleaning products, cosmetics and medicines just wouldn’t be the same without the addition of at least one very crucial terpene.

In the world of cannabis, you first notice the terpenes that are responsible for the distinctive smell of your favorite strain. Next you notice the taste, which is again attributed to the terpenes present. Finally, the effect’s you feel and for how long are also determined by the terpenes.

In a sense, cannabis without terpenes, or a very low terpene content, is quite frankly plain, boring, dull, tasteless and weak. Yes it’s the compounds unique to cannabis, such as THC and CBD that are really known for inducing the high, and promoting euphoria, stress and pain relief. But it’s the terpenes contained within the cannabis that really put the compounds like THC and CBD to work. They enhance them, and make them work better with one another. Then can help make a strain that much heavier on your head, or make it so that your mind is clear and your body is relaxed. Terpenes complete your cannabis. Without terpenes much of the world would look, smell, and feel very different.

What do you love most about terpenes? Let us know in the comments below.

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