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………. Very much appreciated and I must point out by far your responses to us from the MJBiz show are the best of any company we spoke to.

Joseph M.


First of all I wanted to thank you for being so proactive on getting these samples out to me. They were delivered yesterday, already. Extract Consultants wins first place for the best customer service I have had out of all the vendors I have dealt with on this project!

These flavors are amazing. There is no competition, in my experience, with the quality and desirability of your flavors. I am very excited to present these to my team this week. We will sample them and select a couple to start with in our production.

Thank you again for being so prompt on getting these to me. We are in crunch time trying to get operational and every day means a lot.

Bryson R.


Also, I wanted to make sure I let you know, your products are hands down better than anything out there, I’ve tried them all.  We absolutely crush the competition with the flavors, as well as the edible flavors are great in our gummy bears!

Thanks again,



..…. I must point out by far your responses to us from the MJBiz show are the best of any company we spoke to.

Joseph M


…..You guys have been supportive and approachable about an array of stuff.  You have also been very patient with me. I truly appreciate you guys and you have our business the moment we turn the green light on for these new product lines.


Joshua S.


You guys are too good to me. Thank you so so much for your always phenomenal support.

Carli C.

Hey John,

We received the samples and are beyond pleased. We’re most likely going to start with the lime sorbet, blueberry, peach, and melon gum. We’ll be in touch when we’re ready to order, planning for early next week.

Eddie S