Understanding Limonene

Limonene is a naturally occurring chemical found in most aromatic plants. If the plant is green, you can be certain that limonene is present. There are two primary forms of it, D for dextro, and L for laveo. D-Limonene offers more of a fresh citrus note and comes from the pith or peel of many citrus fruits. L-Limonene, D-Limonene’s opposite chiral sibling, is more associated with Mints and herbs.

Limonene is used either knowingly or unknowingly in many commercial goods products as an ingredient with in an ingredient. Most beverages and confections incorporate flavors that contain D’ or L’ Limonene.

Limonene is isolated from many natural sources, typically separated and purified via vacuum distillation. It can also be produced synthetically. Depending on what source it is derived from, it can and will smell vastly different. For example, D Limonene usually smells like oranges; however, in the case where it has been extracted and enriched from Lime it will smell more like Lime.  Analytically, it will look exactly the same no matter the source it comes from. Kind of crazy! Smells different, looks the same!

At Extract Consultants, we offer an all-natural and organic form of D-Limonene, and a natural form of L-limonene. They’re available in bulk sizes for commercial use, and smaller quantities for individual use. They can also be found in our Terpene Sample Kit.

Extract Consultants has built many blends that incorporate limonene as an active ingredient. Our two favorites are our very popular Sativa and Trainwreck terpene blends. Give them a try! You will not mistake the signature citrus smell of this highly functional terpene.

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